Sumatra Siborong Borong

What Exquisite Coffee can I try?

Coffee lovers can be quite particular about the kind of coffee they want.

Many of them enjoy every part of the coffee drinking experience from smelling the aroma, to the taste and to the feeling that they get from tasting the brew. Coffee lovers also enjoy tasting different types of coffee because there are so many varieties of coffee from the different parts of the world and each kind has its own distinct characteristics. Each coffee is unique. Those who drink coffee occasionally may not taste the subtle differences in some coffees but true coffee lovers do. This is why they are always on the hunt for the ultimate coffee-drinking experience, trying out different varieties from different countries around the globe. Many of them do not even consider the price tags that come with rare and exclusive coffees because to them having a great coffee-drinking experience is priceless.

For those who like to drink exquisite coffees, they can try the Black Apron Exclusives from Starbucks. Black Apron Exclusives are special edition coffees that are released by Starbucks in very limited batches. These coffees come from all over the world and are chosen for their excellent quality and rarity. These coffees are chosen by coffee tasters who travel the world to pick the best coffees that can be offered to the market. There are limited edition coffees and there are those that offer a special level of exclusivity.

The Sumatra Siborong-Borong is the latest Black Apron Exclusive that was released by Starbucks. This coffee variety is grown in the heart of Sumatra’s Lake Toba- Siborong-borong, is a special, full-bodied coffee that is very rare. It has a hint of freshly cut basil and has soft acidity.

One of the reasons the Sumatra Siborong-Borong is so exclusive is that the coffee is a product of traditional processing. The coffee cherries are hand-picked by Batak women are carefully pulped and washed. The product is then left out in the sun to dry on woven mats outside the houses of the coffee producers. The coffee is also carefully sorted and is then delivered to the market the following day to ensure the freshness.

The quality of the coffee results from many factors including the type of environment the coffee grew in. The soil on which the coffee grows is one of the best places on the planet for coffee cultivation. On the island of Sumatra, coffee is grown mostly in rural backyard gardens. Then nearly all the coffee is blended together prior to export. Lake Toba in Sumatra has rich soil and has the perfect weather for growing coffees. This is why the Sumatra Siborong-Borong Coffee and the other coffee varieties grown in the area have excellent qualities. The quality by which the coffee is grown and processed also makes a big difference. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel halfway around the globe to experience the best coffees, coffee retailers like Starbucks bring the coffee right to your neighborhood and can even deliver the coffee right to your doorstep. Pair Sumatra Siborong-Borong with flavors such as fresh basil, cilantro and oregano to highlight the coffee’s complex taste and herbal notes.