Starbucks Stack

What’s a Good Gift for Someone Who Has Everything?

The best gifts are usually the thoughtful ones where the gift totally matches the recipient’s personality but gift-giving is not always easy especially if you don’t know the recipient too well or if you think he already has everything.

For times when you are not sure what to give, the safest bets are simple gifts such as wine or gift baskets filled with little treats. If you’re attending a simple gathering, you can also bring cakes and other pastries that the host can keep or serve to guests. You should also make sure that whatever gift you give someone, it should be beautifully wrapped because it tells the recipient that you took the time to prepare the gift. Beautiful wrapping also increases the excitement factor as the recipient would want to see what beautiful present you have inside.

If you want a unique gift and beautifully-wrapped gift that will surely be appreciated by the recipient, get the Starbucks Stack from Starbucks Coffee. The gift basket includes various pastries, coffee and tea wrapped in beautiful boxes and stacked to form a beautiful gift tree. With this gift you don’t have to worry about not having something that your recipient would like. Whether the person is a tea drinker or a coffee drinker, he will surely find something delightful form the gift set full of treats.

The whole set includes: one (1) a 12-oz. bag of ground Costa Rica Tarrazu Starbucks coffee, five (5) 2.5-oz. portion packs of ground Starbucks coffee — one Breakfast Blend, one French Roast, one House Blend, two Caffè Verona, Three (3) 1.25-oz. portion packs of Starbucks gourmet hot cocoa, Two (2) 1.25-oz. packages of Starbucks biscotti, Three (3) 1.2-oz. packages of Walker Shortbread, Two (2) packs of Milk Chocolate Covered Grahams, One (1) coffee scoop and two (2) 24-pc. boxes of Tazo teas – Awale, Chai. The toffees, grahams and the assortment of treats included in the gift set will compliment the flavors of the teas and coffees from Starbucks. Even if the recipient does not drink all the coffees or teas in the gift set, he can share it with others so the little treats in the basket definitely won’t go to waste.

Gift baskets and other similar gifts are also great for giving to bosses and colleagues because they are simple and casual but still evoke a sense of respect for the recipient. This is important if you are giving the gift to your boss and you don’t want him or your colleagues to think you are being too informal or that you are sucking up. The gift does however, send the message that you appreciate the person you are giving the gift too. The Starbucks Stack is also a great gift for house parties, and other simple and friendly gatherings.