Stainless Steel Trek Desktop Mug by Starbucks

How Do I Choose the Perfect Desktop Mug?

Coffee lovers will drink coffee anytime, anywhere.

They drink coffee at home, in the workplace, in restaurants, practically everywhere! They also enjoy several cups of coffee in a day. And because they drink so much coffee, it is important for them to have the perfect desktop mug to drink their precious brews from.

Choosing the perfect desktop mug is important to coffee lovers because the right mug enhances the coffee-drinking experience. The wrong mug will break easily. Some mugs will make your coffee get cold too fast. Others are difficult to clean. Even the appearance of the mug is important because as a big coffee drinker, you will probably be carrying this mug for most of the day.

In choosing the perfect mug, buy only those that you know are durable. Since the mug is something you will be using everyday anyway, think of it as an investment and buy a good-quality product. It is better to get stainless steel mugs than glass or plastic mugs because stainless mugs do not just look better, they also last longer. Stainless steel mugs certainly look expensive, beautiful, modern and trendy. Aside from the appearance and the durability of the mug, choose a product that can serve several purposes. It is best for you to choose travel mugs instead of just plain desktop mugs because it will offer more convenience if you need to move around while drinking your coffee. They will also come handy should you want to bring coffee when you travel or go on a road trip.

If you want a durable mug that will last you a long time, consider buying the Stainless Steel Trek Desktop Mug by Starbucks. The mug, made of stainless steel is almost unbreakable. The double insulated walls also prevent hot drinks from getting cold too fast and also keep cold drinks cold. This is probably the best feature of the mug because many coffee drinkers like their coffees hot all the time and sometime because you may be busy at work, you won’t be able to finish your coffee right away. Another interesting feature of the mug is the splash-proof rim which makes it the perfect mug to carry around or to drink from on your work desk. With an anti-skid bottom, the mug will rest safely on most surfaces and won’t slide around. Aside from the skid-free bottom, the Stainless Trek mugs also have wider bottoms than the traditional mugs making them more stable. Starbucks mugs are also very easy to clean. The Starbucks Stainless Steel Desktop Mug is shaped like a traditional mug with wide brims so it’s easy to clean the inside part of the mug. Because the body is made of stainless steel you also don’t have to worry about handling the mug while cleaning it because it is very durable.