Melitta One: One Black Coffee Maker

How Can I Easily Prepare a Single Cup of Freshly Brewed Coffee?

Many coffee lovers like to get their caffeine fix from brewed coffee and not instant.

The problem is, there are times you just want a quick cup and not have to set the big coffee maker so you can drink a good cup of coffee. Before, when you wanted a freshly-brewed cup of coffee, you had to run to the nearest café and get coffee to go. The idea of having to go out of the house just to get a cup of java is not always appealing to coffee drinkers.

It’s a good thing there are now solo coffee makers sold in the market that you can use to brew a single cup of coffee in your own home and not have to wait a long time for your coffee to be ready. With single serving coffee makers, you can just stay at home, set your coffee and do other things like take a shower or do simple chores, and when your coffee is ready, just sit back and enjoy your cup of fresh brew.

If you like being able to drink brewed coffee at any time of the day, you can but theMelitta One:One Black Coffee Maker. This coffee maker, designed to prepare single cups of coffee will have your coffee ready in less than 1 minute; that beats preparing a cup of instant coffee. The One:One Black Coffee Maker simplifies the whole process by eliminating filters and pouring the coffee straight into the coffee mug. All you have to do is set the java-pod into the machine and wait for the machine to brewing a mug of rich and satisfying coffee. The coffee it makes is also the perfect temperature, it is never scorched or stale you just get one perfect coffee every time you want one. Even if the coffee maker is for a single-serving of coffee, you don’t have to refill the water tank every time you want to make coffee. The water reservoir is big enough to hold water for three mugs of coffee. Home coffee makers also give you the opportunity to try different blends.

The machine can also be used to brew tea so if you are as much a tea drinker as a coffee lover then you can get the best of both worlds with this little contraction. Another benefit of the Melitta one: one coffee maker is that it does not take up too much space and tucks into one corner of your kitchen counter. This is perfect for those living alone or stay in cramped living quarters.
The sleek design also makes it easy to match with the rest of the kitchen. You can also easily clean the cup so that it becomes ready for your next coffee-drinking session.

If you like drinking coffee and also like entertaining in your home, then it is better to get the bigger types of coffee makers that can brew 10-15 cups at a time.