Aquabrew TE 216 Granite Coffee Maker

What Coffeemaker is perfect for Serious Coffee Lovers?

Coffee is probably one of the most popular drinks in the world.

Aside from having a rich taste and aroma, coffee is known to provide specific health benefits that make coffee-drinking even more appealing for people around the world.

Coffee warms not just the body but the spirit. There’s nothing like a freshly-brewed cup of coffee to excite the senses and lift the body’s energy. Coffee also contains oxidants more powerful than those found in the more common teas available in the market. Anti-oxidants are compounds that break the free-radicals in the body causing the healthy regeneration of cells. Anti-oxidants lower the risk of cancer, strokes and heart diseases.

Because of the many benefits of drinking coffee, there are millions of coffee drinkers worldwide. There are also plenty of serious coffee lovers who always need to cradle a cup of coffee in their hands because they immensely enjoy coffee-drinking.

There are coffee lovers who are so passionate about the drink that they will never settle for anything but the best. These serious coffee lovers are a different breed from the regular coffee drinkers because they will spare no amount to experience the best coffee-drinking experience possible. They buy only the best coffee beans and they take the whole process of preparing coffee seriously. They like to try the different premium coffee varieties from around the globe and they can be very meticulous about how the coffee is stored and brewed. And anyone passionate about anything can understand how people would move heaven and earth and spend big amounts of money so that they can fulfill their passions.

Coffee Makers In The News

If you are one of the serious coffee drinkers who want to experience a perfect cup of coffee any time of the day, then you can purchase the Aquabrew TE 216 Granite Coffee Maker. The equipment is designed to be the perfect coffee brewer for the home and office. This coffee maker can make up to 14 cups of coffee so it is perfect for entertaining. It is also the perfect coffee maker for boardrooms because aside from being able to brew many cups, the carafe is also thermal so it keeps the water hot even after it is removed from the warming plate. Part of the high-end featured of the product is the water quality monitor and the safety brewing lights. The equipment also has a leak detection indicator. These features are part of ensuring that every cup is perfectly-brewed.

Not everyone of course will appreciate the features of this coffee maker as it does come with a steep price tag. The coffeemaker also requires more complex installation than the regular coffee makers.