10 Percent Kona Blend

How Can I Experience the Exquisite Taste of Kona for a Quarter of the Price of Pure Kona?

Coffee lovers are always on the search for the great coffee experience that they swear penetrates up to their soul.

Perhaps because drinking coffee involves the different senses that the experience is something that people don’t mind having over and over. Perhaps because coffee can be a cheap thrill compared to other luxurious activities that people enjoy it. Maybe it’s because you don’t really need to step out of your home to experience a magnificent cup of java that people are immensely attracted to coffee. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain, coffee lovers are always on the look out for a great coffee fix. It is a good think a great coffee experience can be had by anyone any time of the day, anywhere in the world.

One of the most sough-after coffees is the kona coffee. Kona coffee is a variety of coffee grown on Mount Hualalai and Mauna Loa in Hawaii. The coffee is called Kona because the area where they grow is located in the Kona Districts. Only coffee grown in the Kona districts can be rightfully called Kona. There is something about the soil and the weather in these districts that results in the excellent quality of the Kona coffee. During the mornings, the Kona districts experience bright sunshine and then there is also an abundance of rainfall that nourishes the soil and the coffee trees.

Pure Kona coffee is very rare and is considered a premium coffee. It is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. The coffee cherries are carefully hand-picked between August and January. The cherries undergo pulping and placed in fermentation tanks within 24 hours of picking. After fermenting, they are spread out to dry between 7-14 days. And the parchment is then roasted to produce pure Kona. It takes up to nine pounds of fresh coffee cherries to produce one pound of roasted Kona and this makes the coffee rare and therefore more expensive than the other coffee varieties from other parts of the world.

To make Kona coffee more accessible and affordable to coffee lovers, many coffee retailers have been selling Kona Blends. These blends are a mixture of Kona coffee and other coffee varieties. Many of the products such as the 10% Kona Blends from Starbucks coffee allow coffee lovers to have a unique and memorable drinking experience without the exorbitant price tag. For a true taste indulgence, enjoy fresh-brewed Starbucks 10% Kona with muffins, sweet breads and desserts containing nuts, apples, blueberries or oranges.

Coffee blenders use high grade Colombian or Brazilian coffee and blend them with the exclusive Kona coffee to create a distinct taste that coffee lovers will surely love. Kona blends feature a light-bodied coffee with a sweet aroma and mild sweetness that instantly lifts your mood up. To maximize the experience of drinking Kona blends, you can do away with creams and sugar and enjoy the clear, smooth taste of the coffee. Kona Blend is a blend of Hawaiian and Latin American coffees.