Benefits of Coffee

Coffee and Weight LossI cannot contemplate going through a day without a cup of coffee to start off in the morning. I always look for ways to gradually lose a little bit of weight and don’t know which the best is. The one question I keep asking myself without a definite answer is can caffeine help me lose weight? I went on to research how this can be achieved and found out that, the single cup I take every day is not ?useless’ after all.

Caffeine is found in many forms, the most common being coffee. Regardless of the type of coffee, this ingredient offers more benefits to weight loss than I thought. Caffeine not only suppresses appetite but also helps the body to burn more calories. Ingesting caffeine also leads to loss of water or fluids from the body which is a good way of losing weight.

How Can Caffeine Help Me Lose Weight?

Having looked at the advantages of caffeine about weight loss, it is important to know how these benefits come about. With this information, I know how much coffee or caffeine to take. Caffeine has earned its name as the most commercial supplement that burns fats. This substance increases metabolism by helping to mobilize fats from the fat tissues. This is possible when caffeine stimulates the nervous system which in turn sends signals to fat cells with instructions to breakdown fats. Caffeine also increases blood levels of the hormone Adrenaline. This hormone travels in the blood and through fat tissues, sending signals to breakdown fats and release into the blood.

Apart from caffeine, coffee has other active substances which make it a stimulant hence affecting metabolism. These substances are 1) Chlorogenic acid which decreases the rate at which carbohydrates are absorbed and 2) Theobromine and 3) Theophylline.

Caffeine And Weight Loss In The Long Run

However much I like coffee, there is the main caveat; the more coffee ingested, the more tolerant I become to the effects of caffeine. Caffeine only boosts metabolic rate in the short term and increase fat burning. What may be of advantage, in the long run, is that coffee will still blunt appetite and make me eat less.

The answer I found to my earlier question is that caffeine can help me lose weight shortly but not after a long time; I only need to take little amounts so my body does not get to tolerate the substance quickly. Indeed, caffeine can help in weight loss.